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    Mar 2012
    Albany, Australia
    DS: Gideon Leopold
    DD: Leona Laney
    DD/DS: Caitlin Laura & Cain Lucius
    DD: Abigail Lilly
    DS: George Landon

    Stephen and Mallory are novelists with two daughters and two sons. Their first names have a dark vibe, to reflect Mallory's writing style, and their middle names pay tribute to Stephen's favourite authors and poets.
    Eyes aglow like burning coals, look away!
    Look away! For those who spy them ought pray.

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    Apr 2014
    DD: Raven Virginia
    DD: Celeste Lenore
    DS: Indigo Poe
    DS: Dagger Allan

    Blake and Jennifer are an active couple with triplet boys and quadruplet girls. The boys' first names should be sporty (but not athletes names) and the girls' first names should relate to winter. They each have two middle names starting with B and J for their parents. The B names must be 1 syllable.

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    Jan 2014
    Roderick Boyd Jensen
    Jericho Beck Jones
    Felix Briggs Jameson

    Indra Blair Janelle
    Amaya Brooke Jayce
    Tempest Bryn Jocelyn
    Neve Briar Jilliana

    Colleen and Patrick Murphy are an active couple with 2 daughters, a set of twin boys, and are expecting another boy in 4 months. All the kids have Irish first names AND/OR Irish middle names. None of their children (or expected children) have the same first initial. One of their daughters commonly goes by her nickname, and they plan on doing the same for their future son (ie he will have a name but typically be called his nickname instead).
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    DS/DS/DS: Fielder Julius Brooks, Rush Jeremiah Beau & Titan Jasper Blaise
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Winter Josephine Bjork, Neva Jemima Blue, Lumi Julia Bray & Aspen Jessamine Blair

    Nathaniel & Thora are parents to three girls and a boy. Their first names are after classical musical pieces; their first middles are after French monarchs and their second middles begin with P and are nature-related.

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    Ds: Giovanni Jon Peter
    (as in Don Giovanni)
    Dd: Alla Vivienne Poppy
    (as in Rondo: Alla Turca)
    Dd: Elise Genevieve Pearl
    (as in Fur Elise)
    Dd: Maria Fleur Pamelia
    (as in Ave Maria)

    Ethan and Elizabeth have 6 children, 2 girls, a g-g-b set of triplets, and a boy. All their first names must start with E, and both their middles names must be the names of members of the Royal Family (both past and present).
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