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    Remi and Jenn

    G: Abby Chantal
    G: Tillie Danette
    G: Jess Amelie
    G: Liz Genevieve
    G: Kate Estelle
    G: Nellie Arabelle
    G: Allie Bleu
    B: Xander Lazare
    B: Sam Vardon
    B: Andy Noel
    B: Ollie Sorrell

    Tammy and Theo have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. Their children all have first names that start with T, each name coming from a different culture/country. Their middle names all have more syllables than their first names.

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    Tamsyn Elizabeth
    Tessa Isabelle
    Tia Anastasia
    Tomas Sebastian
    Tyree Benedict

    Kate and James have 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys. Their initials must all be E.M

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    Kate and James have 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys. Their initials must all be E.M

    Eden Marlena
    Eloise Michaela
    Elsa Melody
    Emilia Mabel

    Ezra Miles
    Ezekiel Morgan

    Andrew & Alix Anne have 10 children 5 boys & 5 girls. They all have alliterative first & middle names, but the only ones who share the same initial is a set of b/g twins.
    John 3:16

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    G: Delilah Daily
    B: Austin Alec
    G: Lucy Lux
    G: Harlow Harper
    B: Charlie Callum
    B: Tyler Tatum
    G: Sailor Scout
    B: Jackson Jude
    B: Noah Nathan
    B&G: Mason Max and Maisie Mae

    Challenge: Alissa Jane and Austin Jude are having 8 kids - 4 sets of BG twins. Each set of twins has to have the same initials. One of the initials has to be a vowel, the other has to be a consonant.
    Maisie, Stella, Elodie, Lane, Alyssa, Jacey, Eloise, Daisy, Elise, and Kinli

    Noah, Kai, Ronan, Jude, Mason, Austin, Weston, Charlie, Finn, and Jack

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    DS/DD: Elias Cassian and Evanthe Camille
    DS/DD: Lucien Atlas and Lenore Arabella
    DS/DD: Oslo Weaver and Odette Winter
    DS/DD: Brahms Inigo and Boheme Ivy

    Mia and Roman have seven children (4 boys and 3 girls). The boys' first names are all surnames/occupations, and the girls are named after famous singers. All of their middle names are Italian.

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