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    Axel and Mia have five children, all girls. Their daughters' first names are names of goddesses and/or moons, and their middle names are short, trendy names (but not classic filler names like Grace, Rose or Lee).

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    Vera and Jordan have 6 little ones. Their first names are long but have short middle names and their middle names are rare but not odd. They should have all different initials.

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    Imogen and Hugh have four daughter and a son. They gave each of their children a mythological first name that they thought most people would be able to pronounce (no Nephele or Ceres), and for middle names they chose international variations of classic baby names such as Elizabeth and Christopher.
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    Adrian and Mallory are high school sweet hearts who have 3 boys and 2 girls. All of their first names should be 3 syllables long like theirs. Their middle names should be disney related.

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    Leonard & Leila have 3 girls and 3 boys. All of their first names contain a double vowel (like their parents' names), but they can't be the last letters of the name. Their middle names start with L.

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