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    Delilah and Tristan have 7 children, 2 girls - 3 boys - twin b/g. First names are all about nature and their middle names start with F.

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    DS: Finch Fergus
    DD: Acacia Felicity
    DD: Cove Fiona
    DD/DS: Helmi Florence & Rio Frederick
    DS: Thorn Flavius
    DS: Fjord Franklin

    Mingus & Charlotte have 10 children. Their first names are four letters long beginning with E, but no names should share a second letter. e.g. Elsa and Elin are a nono whilst Eden and Elsa are good. Their middle names begin with C for the boys and M for the girls.

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    DD: Esme Melissa
    DD: Echo Minerva
    DD: Elsa Meredith
    DD: Erin Maisie
    DD: Eden Marissa
    DS: Ewan Charles
    DS: Ezra Casper
    DS: Evan Cedar
    DS: Etan Caius
    DS: Enzo Caleb

    Jillian and Bartholomew have eight children, 5 boys and 2 girls. Their first names are inspired by food, they don't share initial. Their middle names are inspired by space and astronomy.
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    B Pepper Altair
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    B Sage Deneb
    G Olive Lyra
    G Plum Vega
    G Rosemary Arista
    B Amandine Sirius
    B Yarrow Rigel

    Annabelle and Brian have 6 children. 3 girls, 3 boys. Their first names are gem names, all of different colors. Their middle names are associated or are color names contrasting the color of their first name. (For example, if the first name is Amethyst then her middle name has a yellow color associated with it.) Contrasting colors are Red and Green, Blue and Orange, Purple and Yellow.
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    Lianna and Troy have six girls who all have the initials L & T after their parents

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