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    DS: Wilbur Dwin "Will"
    DD: Jacqueline Greta "Quinn"
    DD: Rosemary Thea "Rosie"
    DS: Archibald Harry "Archer"
    DD: Gertrude Belle "True"
    DS: Leonard Aro "Lenny"
    DS: Theodore Eddy "Theo"
    DS: Howard Rollo "Ward"
    DD: Julianne Winter "Jules"
    DS: Percival Rhett "Valo"
    DD: Beulah Maggie "Bee"
    DD: Cecily Edwina "Cece"
    DS: Ernest Garett "Ero"
    DD: Henrietta Margot "Etta"

    Louisa and Damien have eight children (four of each). The children's first names all begin with the same letter and are rarely heard word names. Their middle names are taken from fairy tales or nursery rhymes.
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    DD: Afternoon "Noon" Arista
    DD: Answer "An" Belle
    DS: Arrow Caspian
    DD: Bliss Ariel
    DD: Blue Rapunzel
    DS: Breaker Naveen
    DS: Bridge Eric
    DS: Chance Phillip

    Aria and Free have 3 boys. Their first names are mythological names and their middle names are colors.

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    Valentine and Quinn have five children. All their initials spell a word. They have more modern versions of classic names. With word name middles.
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett
    Sterling Joel/Dashiell Colm

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    Matthias Art Damon
    Aoki Rain Tessa
    Hoyt Aloe Sampson
    Opal Love Dana
    Miko Earl Nasser

    Noelie Jane and Frazier Wesley have eight girls who all have names of classic famous actresses and nature names as a middle name- eg. Audrey River

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    Ingrid Flora
    Ava Lazuli
    Shirley Willow
    Capucine Ivy
    Greta Ember
    Lucille Olivine
    Bette Bluejay
    Vivien Primrose

    Geraldine & Tim have 9 children, including B/G/G triplets. Their first names must be after the first names of Simpsons characters whilst their middle names should be after members from any European royal family. All names must alliterate.

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