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    GP middle for Laurel.

    Which of the 2 do you prefer:

    Laurel Patience or Laurel Augustine?

    Both middle names are GPs. These combos are just ones I've been toying with. I will probably never use Augustine, but there is a small chance I'll use Patience as a middle.

    I'm just curious which you like best.


    I was going to ask this in a separate thread, but I thought : why bother you guys twice?

    Could you give me some thoughts/opinions on the name Laurel Vivienne?

    Thanks a lot
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    I prefer Laurel Patience, over Laurel Augustine. I consider Augustine a strictly boys name so that's why.
    I love Laurel Vivienne, it's so sweet and very pretty. This is my favorite of the three.
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    Laurel Vivienne is my favorite of your choices! Gorgeous!

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    I like Laurel Patience out of those two, but I absolutely ADORE Laurel Vivienne!
    Both names compliment eachother and are too underused if you consider their beauy. Love it.
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    Laurel Vivienne has my vote!

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