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    Give me your opinion of Leo

    I've recently added Leo to my list of potential boy names. We find out next week if our little one is a boy or girl and my husband is now refusing to discuss names until we find out. It's driving me crazy!!! I think my husband would like this name because it's short and simple, as well as masculine. I wonder if it's "enough" name. What are your general thoughts about Leo? Do you find it fun and spunky or old and boring? Also, we already have Theo on our list. Which do you prefer?
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    I like Leo - it reminds me of lions . I think it will blend in well with the modern naming trends and still has enough spunk to stand out. I don't find it old or boring at all. It'd be a tough decision for me to pick between Leo and Theo because I do have Theodore on my list, but I think I lean a bit more towards Leo.
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    I love Leo! Its been on my list for as long as I can remember. I also prefer the long versions available for Leo over Theo's Theodore.

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    I love Leo it is on my GP list as DH won't allow it. =[
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    I'm the odd one out because for some reason, I have always really disliked Leo. I just associate it with cartoon lions and names of house cats, and I really dislike cats. I really like Leopold, but Leo rubs me the wrong way.
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