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    I love...


    I like...

    Aramis (air-uh-miss)

    I dislike...

    Aeson (ace-in)
    All the best,

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    I love Andrew! I like Atticus. Really dislike most of the rest.

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    Aiden - Nice, but overused. Why not go with the traditional spelling "Aidan"?
    Aeson - I like Ace more than Aeson. Aeson seems made up, but it's decent enough.
    Axel - Love.
    Andrew - Love. Especially with the nickname Andy.
    Angus - Dislike. Gus is a fantastic name/nickname, but Angus just reminds me of cows.
    Ansel - Okay. Kind of reminds me of Hansel and Gretel.
    Anthony - Okay. I prefer it as a middle name.
    Aramis - I like it for a middle name.
    Aras - Not really fond of either pronunciation. Something just seems off.
    Artemas - Artemis is a Greek goddess. Can't see it on a boy.
    Asher - I used to really like this name, but lately I've really started to dislike it. I'm not sure why.
    Ashton - Okay. It reminds me of Ashton Kutcher. I don't know if you consider that bad or good.
    Atticus - Too connected with To Kill a Mockingbird for me, but it is a great name. I like it a lot.

    Our styles are very different, but I think that they're pretty nice overall.

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    Aiden - I prefer Adrian. Aiden feels very modern to me. Adrian has a similar flair and feel but has a little old world added in.
    Aeson (ace-in) - nms.
    Axel - I love Axel. Very spunky.
    Andrew - nice, safe and sweet.
    Angus - I think this is difficult unless you are very Irish. I also usually think of the beef first.
    Ansel - I really should love it, but... I just don’t. It’s a handsome and fine name, it’s just a little lacking to me.
    Anthony - I prefer the simpler Anton - I also really dislike Tony so that probably doesn’t help.
    Aramis (air-uh-miss) - interesting, choice and I rather like it. Though it does reminds me of my future FIL’s favorite after-shave scent.
    Aras (air-us, or r-us)
    Artemas - I prefer Artemis, I realize she’s a female goddess but after reading Eoin Fowler’s Artemis Fowl series I just love this name for a boy. (Plus there is nothing wrong with naming your son after a female figure we do it for girls - naming them after male figures - all the time).
    Asher - I prefer Asher to Ashton -> neither is really my style.
    Atticus - Atticus comes up on NB A LOT. It’s a nice solid name with great literary roots and history. I think I’ve heard it here so much I might be a little board with it at the moment. That said, I’m sure it’s not as frequently used everywhere else and in RL I’m sure it would be rather refreshing.
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    Love, love, love Atticus! It is one of my favorite boy's names, and by far my favorite of the names you listed.

    I am also quite fond of Aramis -- it's so unique and elegant.

    Aras feels appealing in a quirky way to me. I think I prefer Aramis, though.

    I'm not a huge fan of just reminds me of Angus beef, to be completely honest.

    I want to like Andrew more, but it just seems a bit plain to me. I can definitely see it growing on me, though.

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