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    I apologise if I'm too harsh at times-
    Aiden- Prefer Aidan. Nms, but definitely the best (and original) of the -ayden trend.
    Aeson (ace-in)- Ace in sounds like a poker term or something.
    Axel- Reminds me of a car.
    Andrew- Okay, bit boring now.
    Angus- Reminds me of the cat from a book I read.
    Ansel- Hansel and Gretel, not a fan.
    Anthony- I know someone called Anthony! It's quite a nice name.
    Aramis (air-uh-miss)- Love this, just reminds me of The Three Musketeers. But I'd say A (as in Apple)-ruh-miss.
    Aras (air-us, or r-us)- Instinctively I'd say A (as in Apple)-russ, but if I heard the other pronunciations more, I could come round to them.
    Artemas- Love this. Glad you used the Artemas spelling. I wouldn't use Artemis, as (despite Artemis Fowl), it's not only a girls name, but the name of a goddess. As far as I know Artemas/Artemus means gift of Artemis, so can be male (or female).
    Asher- Not a fan, Ash hasn't got great connotations for me. I prefer Archer, or Archie.
    Ashton- See above. Ashton actually sounds like a ton of ash.
    Atticus- I have a friend whose name is said like Attica (but spelt differently), and I just can't bring myself around to liking Atticus.

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    Aiden: I like it, but IMO way to trendy now with all the spellings of Aiden and the rhyming names like Kayden, Brayden, Hayden, Jayden etc
    Aeson (ace-in): Don't like it sorry
    Axel: I quite like Axel
    Andrew: I like it. It's a nice classic with some great nickname options.
    Angus: I like Angus.
    Ansel: I don't like name Ansel. Not my taste.
    Anthony: Anthony is an okay name.
    Aramis (air-uh-miss) Don't like it. Not my taste
    Aras (air-us, or r-us) Don't like it. Not my taste
    Artemas Don't like it. Not my taste
    Asher I love the name Asher.
    Ashton: I love the name Ashton
    Atticus I love the name Atticus. One my favourite character names.
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    Aiden - Nice. Will probably end up being very dated in the next 10 years or so, though.
    Aeson (ace-in) - Dislike
    Axel - Handsome, but I don't like the Axl Rose association
    Andrew - Not my favourite classic, but a good solid name
    Angus - Very Scottish. Like a cartoon Scotsman name. Quite handsome, though.
    Ansel - I've never heard this before, no opinion really. Ansel and Gretel jokes could get annoying.
    Anthony - Very handsome, although I don't like the usual shortenings
    Aramis (air-uh-miss) - Ever so slightly pretentious, but nice enough
    Aras (air-us, or r-us) - Noooo! Sounds way too much like arse, especially as r-us. He'd have to stay away from the UK and Ireland.
    Artemas - Wasn't Artemis a goddess? This looks like a misspelling of Artemis, so I think it's a slightly strange name for a boy?
    Asher - OK
    Ashton - I don't like surname names, but it's OK
    Atticus - OK

    In conclusion, I think we have pretty different styles! My favourite is probably Anthony, and least favourites Aeson and Artemas.
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    love - Asher

    like - Aiden (although I prefer Aiden), Axel (middle name only), Ashton

    neutral - Andrew, Anthony, Aras, Atticus, Ansel

    dislike - Aeson, Angus, Aramis, Artemas

    suggestions, Caden, Hanson, Anson, Tobin, Tobias, Torin

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    I like Asher, Ashton & Atticus. The others aren't my style. I do prefer Archer, though, I feel like it's more substantial than Asher. Have you considered Abel?
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