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    Your Honest Opinions On...

    Spellings are not set...feel free to suggest your favorite spellings!

    Aeson (ace-in)
    Aramis (air-uh-miss)
    Aras (air-us, or r-us)
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    Aiden: No.
    Aeson: Absolutely not.
    Axel: Meh.
    Andrew: Okay.
    Angus: Better than the others.
    Ansel: Handsome.
    Anthony: Dated.
    Aramis: Not crazy about how this names sounds in an English accent.
    Aras: I have no idea what this is.
    Artemas: Looks more boy-ish than Artemis, so I suppose I like it.
    Asher: Okay.
    Ashton: All I can think of is Ashton Kutcher.
    Atticus: I've always thought this name is a little too clunky for any person.

    There, all my honesty. I hope I didn't offend you, those are just my first thoughts on all of these. It seems like you really have an affinity for those A names, huh? I like them too, but I think it's just because since my last name starts with a W, so I've been last for pretty much everything. lol Such a silly reason, I know.

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    I adore the name Atticus- it's one of my favourite boy names! That's the only name I like on your list; the others are really nms
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    I don't know about others, it could be because of where I live and my background, but I pronounce almost all of my A's like AH.

    So, yes, I like Aras and Aramis, but only pronounced AH-RUSS and AH-RUH-MISS.

    Aiden- Okay.
    Aeson- No.
    Axel- AXE is just a deal breaker for me.
    Andrew- Traditional name, too boring.
    Angus- No.
    Ansel- Idk, it sounds like a fairy name.
    Anthony- I'm biased to this one, little brother is named Anthony.
    Artemas- I don't mind but I prefer Artemis.
    Asher- I've been keeping an eye on this name for awhile, I like it but something is holding me back from putting it on my list.
    Ashton- How about just Ash?
    Atticus- No.
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    Aiden - I would spell it Aidan. And it's not a bad name on its own merits. The horde of kids with rhyming names (Jayden, Hayden, and that ilk) make it a blah name.
    Aeson (ace-in) - No.
    Axel - Not a huge fan.
    Andrew - It's a nice enough name, but I know so many guys with it that I'm sick of it.
    Angus - Love it.
    Ansel - Like it.
    Anthony - A little overdone.
    Aramis (air-uh-miss) - Nice enough, but it might be best as a middle name.
    Aras (air-us, or r-us) - NMS
    Artemas - Love it.
    Asher - It's okay.
    Ashton - I think of Ashton Kutcher, which isn't a good association for me.
    Atticus - LOVE
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