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    Second Guessing name choice!

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby in about 8 weeks - a boy! After much discussion, we finally agreed on Rhys Parker (pronounced Reese) for his name. I love the name but I am second guessing it for a few reasons:
    The biggest 2 reasons:
    - we have a 1 syllable last name and to say the 2 short names together sounds strange/abrupt
    - My last name is Kurtz. To me, it sounds too "rhyme-y" or "match-y, match-y" to say, "Rhys Kurtz" (the end sounds are almost identical!)
    Less of a big deal:
    - I don't want to spell Rhys differently - that's part of why I like the name. However, I think it looks kind of strange when it is possessive (Rhys's). That said, it sounds weird to say the "-ez" sound when it is possessive.

    Am I overthinking the issues I have with this name? (I am an English teacher so I tend to pay attention to language/spelling/etc.)
    Does Rhys Kurtz sound okay or does it sound funny?
    I know there are no "rules" per say to naming a baby, but everything I read said that a 2 syllable first name should be paired with a 1 syllable last name to create better flow.

    I really like the name Rowan Parker. To me, the "n" sound at the end of Rowan flows well with Parker and I also like the repetition of the R's but not over kill.


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    Well, they are both good names. Rowan Parker works best with the last name and Rhys Parker is a little rhyme-y. You have some time though, try calling your bump by the name and have your husband do the same. See how it feels. If you end having two names when he arrives I think you'll be able to figure it out then anyway, so not need to worry over it. Giving it some practice and a few nights rest should do the trick though, I think.

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    I'm going to be honest, Rhys Kurtz, sounds very abrupt. What about Rhys in the middle? Parker Rhys Kurtz flows nicely.

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