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    How to honor family name Carolyn with an updated name


    I'm looking to somehow give a nod to the name Carolyn without using THAT name.

    I like Caroline, but it seems harsh or clunky to me for some reason.

    The types of names I love are usually simple, like: Tess, Mae, Elise.

    Just wondering if you Berries have any good ideas to honor Carolyn without using Caroyln or Caroline.


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    I love Cara.

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    Well, THAT was an obvious choice I had overlooked. Thanks! And it's short...I like that...

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    Yep, I'd say Cara. Or really any name with the same meaning, like Charlotte, which feels similar to Tess on your list.
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    What about Cora, Coraline or Coralyn?
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