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    Like many others on here, I like mostly old lady / vintage names (Beatrix, Evelyn, Harriet, etc). It's hard to determine my husband's style since his suggestions are so few and far between! He likes Lila and Lux, and likes girls' names with boy nicknames, like Frankie for Frances. So maybe his style could be called spunky names?

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    I like unusual but not made up names, mythology inspired names, classical names that have a musical, upbeat sound, names with a bit of spunk and almost whimsy, nature-inspired names. Apparently they all seem really British as well, so there's that.
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    My style is pretty eclectic. I mostly tend to lean towards the classical, mythological/literary, and frilly-with-an-edge. Looking at them all together, my favorites feel vaguely steampunk-ish.
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    My favourites tend to be on the quirkier and whimsical side of things. I love names entrenched in mythology, that have both a musicality and strength to them, that are not at all common, yet have a slight modern/contemporary feel.

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    I like frilly and long or short and spunky. But I am a fan of literature, mythology and using names related to my heritage/family. I am not impartial to names that others may see as just too religious like Evangeline. I am a huge fan of the time period between the 1880s and 1912. This particular era has always fascinated me in terms of fashion, hairstyling etc. But yeah, I kind of like to pair this names with more unexpected middle names, I just have to be mindful of popularity in Australia.
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