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Thread: New Name Quiz!

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    New Name Quiz!

    Son #1
    FN: (authors)

    Your hair is:

    light brown: Isaac
    dark brown: Nathaniel
    red/reddish: Arthur
    black: Charles
    blonde: Elliott
    gray: Seamus

    MN: (W party!)

    You prefer:

    cola: William
    root beer: Walter
    sprite: Wallace
    orange soda: Weston
    grape soda: Winston
    ginger ale: Wolf

    Daughter #1
    FN: places!

    You enjoy:

    Poetry: Adelaide
    Mystery novels: Virginia
    Romance novels: Helena
    Biographies: Carolina
    Sci Fi / Fantasy: Augusta
    Histories: Georgia

    MN: F party!

    Your eyes are:

    brown: Felicity
    hazel: Faith
    blue: Fiona
    gray: Francesca
    green: Florence

    Son #2
    FN: P's!

    Most important trait in a romantic partner:

    Sense of humor: Parker
    Honesty: Peter
    Charm: Porter
    Good listener: Patrick
    Stability: Preston
    Excitement: Philip

    MN: Presidents

    Region of origin:

    North America: Adam
    Europe: Jefferson
    Australia: Quincy
    Asia: Monroe
    South America: Calvin
    Africa: Grant

    Daughter #2

    FN: (TV characters)

    Favorite breakfast food:

    Waffles: April
    Pancakes: Alexandra
    Pastry: Claire
    Eggs: Meredith
    Cereal: Penelope
    Fruit: Pamela

    MN: (colors)

    color of your bedroom:

    white/ivory: Olive
    yellow: Ruby
    blue: Lilac
    green: Violet
    tan/beige: Rose
    other: Jade

    My results:

    Isaac Walter
    Georgia Felicity
    Parker Adam
    Alexandra Lilac

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    Elliott Wolf (8/10)
    Augusta Fiona (4/10)
    Peter Jefferson (5/10)
    Claire Violet (7.5/10)
    Writer, traveller, learner; name taste changing everyday!

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    Son #1: Isaac Wolf

    Daughter #1: Adelaide Fiona

    Son #2: Parker Jefferson

    Daughter #2: Penelope Violet

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    Iowa, USA

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