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    Believable Character List? Suggestions?

    Hey everyone,
    My story is in a modern-day school setting. I have a good idea of my characters and want to know if the set of names I've chosen are believable and not too weird. Some are intentionally out there. Most of the kids come from a wealthy area in New England- the kind of place where baby naming gets competitive as the parents try to find a more distinctive name than that of the neighbors' baby.

    Characters with set full names (early high school age unless otherwise specified):

    Evelyn Agnes Iver (Aggie Iver)
    Cassandra Martie (Cass Martie)
    Theodor Vicky (Teddy Vicky)
    Morris Hailey (Moss Hailey)
    *Lawson Hailey
    Solomon Shippe (he's a teacher, so it'll be Mr. Shippe most of the time)

    Other people who need last names:
    Pascoe (this is what one girl goes by. I think it'll be a middle name or family name or something. Her real name will likely be Elizabeth Pascoe _____)
    Quigley (again, this is either a weird nickname or middle or something, unless I decide to make it his first)
    Ophelia (She's from England, so Anglicized last name)
    Matilda (Mattie)
    Dominica (Teacher's first name)

    Possible last names:
    Hawthorne, Leeland, Ingram, Fabian, Teague, Colonomos, Palle, Rask, Wynne, Voss, Martin, Rutherford

    Usable other names:
    Georgia, Gracie, Abigail, Waverly, Emmett, Faye, Marlowe, Jules, Livie (short for Olivia), Luka

    How would you pair the firsts and lasts? Any middle name suggestions for existing characters? Advice and opinions welcome.


    *lawsonhaley, if you see this, your username was inspiration for this kid's name. If that makes you uncomfortable in any way feel free to tell me and I'll change it

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    I like them all except Solomon. I feel like a teacher would come from a previous generation when it was perfectly ok to have four or five Jason's in the same class. I'd give him a more traditional name.

    As for surnames, I like to scour the phone book, or the membership system at work, for inspiration. I find it helps to know the cultural background of the characters. IE: I decided I wanted my female lead to come from a Polish background, so that narrowed the field because I was only looking at Polish surnames. Have a think about what backgrounds the characters would have and that should lead you in the right direction
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