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    "Soulless" Characters

    "I was a good girl...then I died."

    "Soulless" is a book series that follows a teenaged demon girl who is turned into an assassin after she dies. She was born human, but when she murdered, she was turned into a demon and worked as an assassin for a demon lord. Now, she's gone rogue; she is no longer following the demon lord's orders. She's leaving a trail of bodies in her wake.

    What would you name these characters?

    The Protagonist/Silent Soul:
    She was born a human; she had dark brown hair and brown eyes. As a demon, she still looks human, but her skin has lost all color and her eyes are icy green. When she meets one of the other major characters, they comment on how she doesn't dress like a "Goth" or "punk" or in leather. She wears clothes you would see more at Forever 21 and H&M; that is part of her signature. Her targets don't suspect her because she looks so normal. She describes her past life as a human that she was "one of those girls people liked well enough to smile and say hi or nod when they walked by." Little is known about her death (meaning, I'm still fuzzy on the details right now), but that it involved to of her friends and a terrible misunderstanding. The protagonist was turned into a demon, much like "The Grudge", because she had so much anger inside her. The demon lord hires her to work for the underworld elite as an assassin. But the people she kills are predators and murderers, then sending their souls to damnation. Then, one fateful mistake that sends her off the edge....
    This girl is the ideal of an anti-heroine. "Silent Soul" is her code name. She's strong and independent, but she's got an aloof, standoffish attitude and a certain set of morals that others question. But once you have her, she is yours forever. Until you cross her.

    The Necromancer/Protagonist's Love Interest:
    He is a necromancer; he can see and hear, as well as communicate with and raise the dead. He's also got some demon blood in him. He is about eighteen or nineteen years old, tall and slender, with dark brown hair and gray eyes. He lives with his grandfather, who is the one consulted by supernatural authorities on what to do about Silent Soul, who has avoided capture for months and has committed several murders in a short time span. With his friends, the necromancer hunts Silent Soul, finding her at a strange place: at a cafe where she listens to a band called Death Woes playing. And he has no idea of who she is until she is already gone.
    This boy has been around death and demons his whole life. He's smart with a dry sense of humor and good at reading people. But Silent Soul is not like anyone he's ever met. She spares his life, then he witnesses her save someone else. And the impossible happens: he falls in love with her.

    The Demon Lord:
    He's mysterious and suave. He is a second-level demon lord, which means he can live in the human world, but for a limited time. His power is death; he is a soul collector and a soul eater. The souls he has Silent Soul collect are for him and for the power of the other demon lords in the underworld. In his human form, he is a corporate business type, seen wearing expensive suits and well-groomed with his dark hair and dark eyes.

    The Protagonist's Friend:
    She was one of the protagonist's best friends in life and not one of the girls responsible for her death. She is sweet and quiet, but friendly, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She grew up in South Carolina, thus has a light Southern drawl. Silent Soul looks after her, as this girl is the only person from her past life that she clearly remembers. But then Silent Soul disobeys the demon lord's orders to kill the man who was about to harm her friend. That is what supposedly initially starts the bloodshed.

    The Protagonist's Other Friend/Enemy:
    This girl was the protagonist's slightly demented best friend in life and her college roommate. But then she became obsessed with a boy, and events of her actions led up to Silent Soul's death. And now she is going to pay for her mistake...whether she wants to take responsibility for it or not.

    Optional other characters
    The necromancer's grandfather
    Silent Soul's human older brother
    Silent Soul's human ex-boyfriend
    Silent Soul's mother and father

    Feel free to leave suggestions and ask me any questions in the comments.

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    First of all, love your concept. I'd love to read the end result when you're done.

    For the protagonist, my first thought is Eliza or Rose. She reminds me of the song Where The Wild Roses Grow.

    For the demon lord, I'm seeing a Hugh. Old fashioned, but still very suave by todays standards.

    For the friend, I'm picturing a Kelly, Taylor, or Skye. They feel like Southern names that would fit a modern teenager.

    Can't think of anything for the other characters sorry.
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    Yeah, actually, this sounds like it'd be one really good read. If you ever end up posting it online or whatever, let me know because I think I'd like to read it.

    For the protagonist, a few names popped into my head: Aria, Arden, Drusilla (nn Dru), Fern and Tansy (bonus for Tansy: the name means immortality in Greek which would be cool if she's some kickass demon assassin who can't die again)

    For the necromancer love interest, I thought: Ike. That's about it.

    For the demon lord, I thought: Ike again, which is helpful.

    For the nice friend, I thought: Serena, Anna, Claire,

    For the other friend/enemy, I thought: Vanessa, Jasmine, Tamsin, Cameron, Gemma
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    Could you try filling out one of our forms? It helps break up huge blocks of texts and makes the relevant information accessible

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