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    The only one I really like is Mabel. The rest of them aren't too attractive-sounding to me.
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    Enid - I never used to like Edith but came around to it. It may take awhile but Enid may grow on me in the same way. I do like the Welsh mythological connection. Enid is an acquired taste.

    Mabel - Love this name. It's vintage and sweet with an underlying sass.

    Maude - I've grown to appreciate Maude's most sterling qualities: its brisk sound and no-frills practicality.

    Mavis - An underused vintage gem.

    Briar - harsh and unattractive

    Agnes - I prefer Ines or Agatha to Agnes. It does sound better in French than English.
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    Enid - I like Enid. I prefer Ines so this will never make my list but I think it’s short and has an old timey spunk to it.
    Mabel - nms and reminds me of a grandmother type.
    Maude - I just think of "Harold and Maude” - I can’t get over that association.
    Mavis - You should watch "Hotel Transylvania" with him. It’s a cute animated coming of age kids movie with a 118 year old Mavis in the star role. She’s a little dark (well she is a vampire after all) but just a typical sweet teen girl. The name totally grew on my after that. I love it and find it much spunkier and usable than Mabel or Maude.
    Briar - Theoretically I like Briar too, but I read a book with a female Briar in it and it sort of did a number on my brain. I had a really hard time picturing her as anything but masculine - and that’s not how she was written. I think I prefer Briar for a boy unless you use it in a double first - like Briar-Rose. (Also Briar is close to Brian which might make it an easier transition to a boys name).
    Agnes - There is a little Agnes in the Despicable Me films. She is one of my (and my FH’s) favorite characters in both movies. If you really love it, watch it with him and your kids. It strikes me as an old fashioned awkward name but this character is so cute that she totally makes it work. (FYI: her sisters names are Margo and Edith).
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    I am a self professed "old lady/man name" lover.
    I like Enid, although I prefer Edith, I like Maude and I used to dislike it and think it an old lady name when I was a kid. Is your husband exposed to babies or current baby names much? It often only takes exposure to a name for it to start to grow on you, like what happened for me and Maude, or Sylvia, or Edith. Maybe the best thing is to expose him to current cute little babies with these names or how they've permeated kid culture and he might see the appeal of some of them then. Mabel is my favorite from the list.

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    Enid- This one is sweet. I don't love it, but I don't hate it.
    Mabel- Never liked this one. I don't like the way it sounds.
    Maude- This one is so dull to me. I don't see the apeal
    Mavis- This one sounds masculine to me
    Briar- Again, this one sounds more masculine to me, but I can see why people like it because of the Disney princess.
    Agnes- Never ever seen the appeal to this one. It sounds so harsh. The nn Aggie sounds to close to "agony."
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