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    Of your suggestions, I like Rosalie, Esme, Eden, and Zoe. I also like Isla, but that's similar to Aria. Another name I thought of was Maci. But none of these scream "This is THE name." I'm just not in love with any of the ones I like. So, more suggestions would be great.

    From the boy names suggested, I like Blake. It fits my style, but I don't think it goes with Aria. The only boy name that I kind of like that goes with Aria in my opinion is Jasper, but the associations I have with the name Jasper aren't the kind I want for my boy. So, more boy name suggestions would be great.


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    If you want boy name suggestions, I suggest posting in the boy baby names thread. If you want girls and boys suggestions, post in the baby names thread.

    Aria and Eloise
    Aria and Danae
    Aria and...
    Lucy / Lucia

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    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
    Asher, Caleb, Edwin, Felix, Grant, Hugo, Lachlan, Ronan, Rhett, & Wyatt.

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    Oh, I posted in the wrong thread...

    I like Camden Blake as a combo and Tobias, and I'd like to use Kai as a middle name.

    @waverly123: None of your suggestions really stood out to me. I'm just super-picky...

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