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    Smile Names that "go with" Aria?

    First, I would like to clarify by saying that I am not TTC, pregnant, nor do I have any children.

    But, I love planning for my future, so I'd like to find a name that goes well with the name I love, Aria Madelyn. Madelyn honors me (M@dison Lynn) and Aria is just a name I love. The spelling of Madelyn is not changing. I love Aria because it is just so pretty, and I've never met anyone by the name, so despite its overall U.S. popularity ranking, I consider it unique. Anyways, I want to find a name that is as perfect as Aria Madelyn. I'd prefer that the name does not start with an A or end with an A, since Aria does. I want the names to be distinctly different, but share the same beauty. I don't want a common boring name like Emily or Isabelle. I want a unique, but not too unique (just not in the top 50, I guess) and beautiful name. So, girl name suggestions would be great!

    I really struggle with boy names, because I am so much more picky than I am with girl names. I want the name to be strictly masculine (no unisex) and I tend to like sporty or cowboy names. Here are a few names I am crushing on but I will probably not end up using: Noah and Colton. So, please suggest boy names too if possible. Also, I would like for the name to go with Aria.

    Oh, and last name is similar to Stafford, so just use that to help you make good suggestions.


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    What about

    Alia and Eden
    Alia and Ivy
    Alia and Eloise - Ally & Elle

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