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    Lila, Lilah, Lyla

    Hi! I first saw the name Lila in my grandmother's yearbook from Havana, Cuba in the year 1957. It belonged to some beautiful distant cousin of hers, dressed in a poodle skirt, who I will never meet. I've loved it ever since. It is cute, sweet, vintage...perfect.

    BUT even though I personally have never met anyone with this name, has it become too common? I hear Lily a lot and have read Lola is also on the rise, and these are obviously very similar.

    Also, what is your perferred spelling? I know there are some pronounciation issues with the Lila spelling but I still think I prefer it. It seems sleeker some how to me, but I'm curious about opinions on that.

    Still - I love this name. My husband and I are considering it a front runner for a possible girl coming in October. We like Lila Camille and Lila Catherine most.
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    I love the name Lila.

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    I love the vintage spelling of Lila. Lilah looks like the Delilah has been cut off and Lyla is too similar to the male name Lyle. Lila Catherine is quite pretty.
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    Lila wins this one by a mile, for me.

    As a Sara, I'm not a fan of superfluous h's, and the y spelling reads as slightly trendy, and does remind me of the male name, Lyle, as mischa mentioned.

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    Lila is lovely, and one I find myself circling back to. I do enjoy the Lilah spelling -- but that might be because my sister is a Sarah rather than a Sara. That said, it's not a strong inclination.

    My thoughts don't go to Lyle. I slightly prefer Lila Catherine of your two combos.

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