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    Drew Barrymore named her baby girl what?!?

    Frankie. Yes, Frankie on a girl. Personally, I feel so sorry for the totally be teased in school. I just don't get the whole boys names on girls. Ughh...

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    I was disappointed as well they did so well with Olive and then they went and stuck Frankie on a girl I mean not even a full version with the NN Frankie!

    I personally love Olive and I am considering it for my own daughter so I was sad when I saw they fell short this time. =[
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    That is disappointing. I was also a big fan of Olive and had hopes for Hazel or some other lovely vintage name. But Frankie, why not as a nickname. I will never understand the boys names on girls.

    Wouldn't Frances have been wonderful.
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    Yes, but her name is Drew! She obviously doesn't feel like having a typically male name ruined her life. I too prefer Olive, but would totally use Frankie as a Frances nickname.

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    Normally, I would have been disappointed by Frankie also. However, it's Drew Barrymore. She is a celebrity. Honestly, Frankie is better than a lot of celebrity baby names. Also, she will just be known as "Drew Barrymore's daughter" for her whole life, so it really doesn't matter what her name is (Okay, that's not entirely true, but you get the point).

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