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    Julia Rose is beautiful and perfect with William Robert!

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    Lena Rosemary is my favorite
    Julia Rose is also nice and a very classic sounding name

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    What do you think of girl list? It's a very coherent style--sleek, simple, almost-classics.
    Which middle names would you use, or something different entirely? I think with names this common and wearable, you could easily pick long or frilly or highly unusual middles without sounding pretentious. Since Rose is a family name, I'd consider using the more unusual Rose-names (Rosalie, Rosamund, Rosaline, Rosalind, Rosalba, etc.)
    Which would make best sisters? Nina, Wren, Clare, Eliza, Lila
    Which would be best with a hypothetical brother named William Robert? I think they all go really well with William. My personal preference would be Lena or Julia.
    How popular do you think the names will get? Very. And they're already pretty popular now.

    I like pps' suggestions of Lena Juliet and Julia Katherine. Others:

    Lena Victoria
    Lena Rosamund
    Mila Rosaline
    Mila Juliet
    Mila Katherine
    Mila Victoria
    Tessa Rosalind
    Tessa Juliet
    Julia Isabel (form of Elizabeth)
    Julia Madeleine
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    Julia Katherine is perfect as is.
    Tessa Rosemary is wonderful.
    Lena Anastasia is nice but I like Lena Victoria more. Lena Rosalind or Lena Rosemary would be nice too.
    Mila Elizabeth is perfect but Mila Katherine would be great too! Mila Anastasia works too.

    Since you like Mila and Lena, have you thought of Milena? nn could be either Mila or Lena.
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    I don't like Julia as a name, or with William, because Julia seems too modern to me and William seems steeped in history.
    I like: (Starred are my favorites)
    Tessa Rose*
    Tessa Rosemary
    Tessa Madeleine*
    Tessa Kate
    Tessa Katherine
    Tessa Juliet
    Mila Rose*
    Mila Rosemary
    Mila Kate*
    Mila Katherine*
    Mila Juliet
    Lena Rose*
    Lena Rosemary
    Lena Elizabeth
    Lena Madeleine*
    Lena Juliet
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