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  • January

    15 9.49%
  • March

    4 2.53%
  • April

    17 10.76%
  • May

    27 17.09%
  • June

    31 19.62%
  • July

    5 3.16%
  • August

    39 24.68%
  • September

    1 0.63%
  • November

    16 10.13%
  • December

    3 1.90%
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    The only ones I see as names at first glance are:


    But I could totally get on board with a Toby whose full name is October, also Julian and Juliet are great names and I'd never before thought to use them as a nod to July and I quite like it. January also feels more namely thanks to January Jones, but I'd never use it.
    The other months (February, September, November, December) feel very unusable still.
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    If it was a boy, August. A girl, either Julia or March. I was born on the first day of spring, so I'd love to use March somewhere (plus, I like the military significance for all the Air Force veterans in my family!). But the chance of me using any of them up front is pretty much slim to none. I don't mind them as middle names, but the only time name I would even consider using up front is Winter...
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    I really don't know! March was my first instinct - it's jaunty yet strong. I also like May, she's like a delicate flower, but poised and sweet. July is fun and a little bit rambunctious. And then there's August, handsome and stately, yet down-to-earth. My own birth month, June, appeals to me more as Junia, Juniper, even Juno.
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    My grandmother's name was June, so I would have to go with that.

    But I like August quite a bit and the idea of using September, October, or December is enjoyable to me as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    Great reasons to use this name and looking at your signature I think that Miles Theodore and Ronan Oliver would be a match made in heaven for brothers.
    I quite agree!! Theodore, Ronan and August are wonderfully matched!
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