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    My name is Ashley, so I never have any problems with pronunciation. I generally don't have issues with spelling, but I am asked how it is spelled often because of the similar popularity of Ashlee/Ashleigh/Ashli. I honestly enjoy having a common name. It's fun to meet someone and realize you have the same name - instant bond, even if it does begin surface-level. It is also helpful because I work in missions with people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds and Ashley is generally comfortable for all of them. I have never been more grateful for my name than when I was serving Hispanic families with my pal Arienne and one of the women told her that her name was difficult, but picked mine right up.

    That said, even some common names have pronunciation and spelling issues. My best friend's name is Breann and it is misheard as Breanna so often that she goes exclusively by Bree now, which almost always requires a repeat upon meeting someone, even though it is common.
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    My name is Sarah--easy enough, right? It gets spelled horribly: not just Sara but Sahra, Shara, even Sahara. And it's as common as dirt, so by the rules you're proposing it would be lose-lose. Since I have to spell it anyway, along with my equally common last name, I might as well have something a bit more distinctive.

    I can't imagine what names would be spelled correctly consistently; maybe Mike and Mary, but I wouldn't even bet on that.

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    I've grown up having to spell both my first and last names, even though they're not unusual. This has never bothered me much. My first name is not quite common among people my age and I've always been glad I wasn't one of the many Jennifers or Ashleys at my school. I think the perfect name is rare but still familiar, like Jude, Gideon, Camille or Ramona. For my daughter, I'm leaning towards a long feminine name, that she can shorten to a spunky nickname. Also, I'm personally fond of object names like Violet, Autumn,, Dune or Quill. I know they aren't for everyone, but I find them unique but familiar. The best names have a story or history behind them "Story" is a cute name too!
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    Frankly, this is a little outlandish. My name is Madison (probably one of the most commonly known names in the USA currently) and it's still been misspelled and misheard so many times. For spellings, I've gotten Maddison, Madisyn, Madyson, Maddyson, Mattison, Madisen... the possibilities are endless. People have heard my name and heard Madeleine (mad-uh-LEIN), Madelyn (mad-uh-LYN), Madigan, and Addison.
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    I couldn't even participate in this. I don't like anything you can order with your name on it in Starbucks : ( My tea comes in a cup and saucer at Costa Coffee.

    I would very much like to see what they do with Ren though. Someone try it for me, lol.

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