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    I'm in the Katelyn/Caitlin/Kaitlyn group. It never really bothered me because everyone misspells my last name more. My surname is 6 letters and everyone puts an A in the place of the actual vowel on the second letter and pronounces it as if there is actually an A there....that's infuriating. I'd rather having spelling problems with my name than pronunciation issues. I have a friend whose name gets mispronounced all the time, so now she just introduces herself as the first letter of her name.

    The pronunciation issue is why I wouldn't go for an edgier name.

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    The Starbucks test... haha. I never actually use my real name, I try out my favourites or random names I've been liking just for the fun of it. I've used Azalea and Cordelia so many times and I always get asked to spell it out... and then it STILL gets spelled wrong. Like, really? I've had the same issue with Hespera. Rosalind became Rosalyn even though I thought I was enunciating the D. I don't love the names any less or find them any less usable as a result though.

    Funny read about tennis player Mardy Fish and the Starbucks test:

    If that's really a problem, they don't have to give their real names- no one's going to be any the wiser.

    My own name is Lauren, and it still gets misspelled/mixed up with other names pretty regularly. It's been spelled Loren, Lauran, Lauryn, etc. People forget and have called me Lorna, Lorraine, even Lawrence which is a boys' name... and Laura, a lot. I actually turn around when people call out Laura at the mall or wherever.
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    well, my name is Aine so there is no chance someone in Starbucks would spell it right! But I love having a distinctive name and don't care if nobody can spell it. In places like Starbucks, I either give my name as Aine and enjoy the look on their face when they try to figure it out and then laugh at whatever random string of letters they have put on the cup, or I give my name as Anna or Anya or something much simpler. It's not a big deal.
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    I've spent my whole life spelling my first name... It's uncommon in Australia, and spelt wrong. Mistie if you want to know lol But while I didn't want to be unique when I was younger... I loved that I was never Mistie D or Mistie B etc In fact, meeting someone with my name is just downright weird to me. (I know in countries like the USA it's a bit more common, but not a problem in Australia lol). Do I care that the guy at Starbucks can't spell my name right? Nope, because it's way more of a hassle for my colleagues where there are three Angela's working on the same shift... Not a problem I've ever had. Maybe having an uncommon name has led me to be a non-traditionalist when it comes to names. If we all named our daughters Charlotte, Elizabeth, Mary like they used too, the name would not be so classic anymore, but boring. People who love classic names only get to now because they aren't as ridiculously common as they used to be say in the 1600s.

    Do I think you should name your child Khrystall just so you can feel like it's unique? No... But Kaitlyn/Caitlin type spellings adds a little variety and is not exactly the end of the world. Unfortunately you are more than likely to get it wrong no matter what you name your child. If you name her Amelia because you want her to have a beautiful classic name where she can hold her head high as a lawyer, she will end up growing to be a zoo keeper, hating how common her name is and wishing you had named her Rainbow. Had you named her Rainbow, she'd end up being a lawyer and wishing you'd named her Amelia Hard to predict the future personality, likes and dislikes and career choices of your future offspring

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    My name is Jemima and I don't think it's ever been spelled correctly on a Starbucks cup but I'm totally happy with that! I would much rather have a great name (I love my name) than have a boring one purely for convenience's sake. (Recently I had my name spelled 'Gamama' despite spelling it out twice... but I just find it funny).
    Seriously, go with the name you love. I find the Starbucks Rule utterly ridiculous.

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