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    Talking What do you picture when you hear the name...


    For me, at least, I don't picture anything in particular. But I do hear things, it kind of sounds like tinkling bells, almost like a wood sprite or fairy. It's a similar sound to Estella (or even plain Stella) for me - soft chimes. I love Angelina as well; but it has a completely different vibe for me.

    Anyway, what do you picture/hear?
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    Well (and this is probably just me), I personally can't get around the 'vange' bit of the name. It sounds like an unsavoury slang for a vagina to me. To me Evangelina is quite an unpleasant name because of that. Plus it makes me think of evangelist, and that makes me think of Christian people hassling me about their religion, which I do not enjoy.

    I know a lot of people love the name, though, so this is probably unique to me!
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    I love the name Evangeline! It's weird that you said bells, because, for some reason, it always makes me think of think of Christmas bells, carols and a beautiful snowy Christmas!

    Which is bizarre because I'm Australian, and Christmas here is stinking hot, and nothing like that at all!
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    Evangeline also has a bell like quality for me. Both Evangeline and Angelina also have a strong, rigid religious feel, but Stella and Estella do not. I prefer the latter two names.

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    Evangeline makes me think of angels, which reminds me of Christmas and snow. I kind of associate that with bells as well, like angel song, so I see (or hear :P) where you're coming from.
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