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    Narrowed Down to Three...Please Rank!


    We have the last name Smith which isn't always easy because it is so common. We have narrowed it down to 3 first names (unless I can get my husband to like more of my favorites). Please rank and give us your thoughts!

    Tobias Quintin
    Quintin Russell
    Isaac Quintin or Isaac Tyson

    (all the middle names are family names)

    Thanks for your help!

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    Tobias Quintin is really cute i love it

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    Tobias Smith is too difficult to say. The s running into an s.
    Quinton sounds odd because of the short I sound in it and the short I sound in smith.

    Quentin Smith would work better.

    Isaac Smith is the easiest to say, and my favorite. Isaac Tyson also sound off because of similar vowel sounds.

    I recommend:

    Isaac Tobin Smith
    Isaac Tobiah Smith
    Tobiah Quentin Smith
    Isaac Russell Smith if you don't mind the S sounds
    Tobin Isaiah Smith
    Tobin Russell Smith
    Quentin Tobiah Smith
    Quentin Russell Smith

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    1. Quintin Russell- unique enough with your surname, but still known.
    2. Tobias Quintin- this one is actually my favorite, but the S ending and S beginning of your surname can become difficult for some people.
    3. Isaac Quintin
    4. Isaac Tyson

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    I like Isaac Russell Smith or Isaac Quentin Smith. I really like Isaac Tobias Smith, if that could be an option. I am not a fan of the other combinations.

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