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    1. Isaac. It's so handsome and timeless, and Isaac Smith sounds good. I'd go with Tyson as the middle name since it has family meaning...I'm crazy particular about "flow" and Isaac Tyson flows better than Isaaquintin (runs together!)
    2. Quintin Russell: I prefer Quentin but Quintin isn't bad and flows well with Smith.
    3. Tobias Quintin: Tobiasmith runs together. Otherwise I'd rank Tobias above Quintin.

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    Isaac Quintin--my favorite.
    Quintin Russell--a close second
    Tobias Quintin--I'm not a fan of this one.

    If I could mix them up...I'd use Quintin Isaac.
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    1. Isaac
    2. Tobias
    3. Quintin

    I adore the names Isaac and Tobias and think they make a fab sibset
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    Thanks everyone for your great thoughts!

    My husband actually loves Tobin as well. We have been considering it more heavily so I think we may go for Tobin Russell Smith and call him Toby as a nickname. That way we don't have the run together issue and we still have a unique name to go with Smith

    It is nice to get some unbiased feedback.


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