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Thread: Percy

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    I have loved Percy for a boy for the longest time, but lately I want to use it for a girl. I'm usually solidly against boys names on girls, but I feel like Percy really works for either gender. What do you think?
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    I saw a Persephone nn Persy/Percy on a television show, once, but she was a Nazi spy who died rather violently, so that's sort of tainted my image of the name. I personally prefer it on the gentlemen.
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    I would keep Percy for a boy or... choose Persephone and give her Percy as a nn.
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    I actually really like Percy as a girl's name. I think it would be an especially cute nickname for Persephone. In my opinion, it's sound would work nicely for either gender.
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    What Misha said. Percy by itself is all boy to me. I would go with Persephone or Persis with the nickname Percy. What about Mercy?
    Thoughts in this thread?

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