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    How to honor Hester Rosa?

    My husband is from Mexico and his grandmother (who was still in Mexico) that practically raised him passed away last month. Since we are TTC my husband would really like to honor her by using her name as a MN. However, I am not a fan of Hester at all and Rosa is just okay. Right now his top pick is Jette Rosalie. I like that form of Rosa, but my top pick for a girl is Oakley and I dont like how Oakley and Rosalie both have the same ending.

    What are your thoughts on Jette Rosalie and Oakley Rosalie?
    What other forms of Rose (besides Rose and Rosa) do you think would sound good?
    Thoughts on Hester or how to change that?

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    Is Jette pronounced like Jetta, or does it rhyme with Betty (or even Jet)? It feels a little nicknamey. Oakley feels too much like a surname to me, as my only association with it is shooter Annie. Rosalie is gorgeous; have you considered it for a first name?

    I'm not a huge fan of Hester, either, though I love Esther, plus there's a fabulous namesake there.
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    What about Hestia?
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    Este? I'm not sure if it's related to Hester but it's Hester with out the first and last letters. Este Rosalie sounds pretty x
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    We are pronouncing it like the aircraft. There's a few back stories why we like it.

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