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    My friends younger sisters name is Jette pronounced Jet.. She's gorgeous and cheeky plus she gets a lot of compliments on her name. I think it is perfectly fine as a full name, but then maybe I'm biased :P
    LOVE @ariadnejuna's suggestion of Este! So cool!
    @potofgold's suggestion of Hestia I also like and @bibliophile's suggestion of Esther
    I find Rose delicate and pretty by itself, Rosa seems like its sexy, exotic cousin. Both are beautiful
    Rosalie and Rosalia - love these two aswell!

    I don't like the heavy 'O' sound in Oakley Rosalie.. Maybe try Oakley Hestia?
    If I were to make my own combo I like Jette Rosalia Este (I have a thing for double middles :P)
    Best wishes x

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemysweeties View Post
    I posted on your other thread. I immediately thought of Hettie Rose - beautiful, charming, spunky, and sweet.
    I second this.

    But also Hestia or Esther could work and as for Rosa there are loads of variations: Rosalie/Rosalia, Rosalind, Rosaline, Rose, Rosalyn/Rosalin to name a few.

    I'm not personally a fan of Jette (too nicknamey and even with the e it sounds too much like a boy's name to me) but if you like it and there are reasons and sentiments for liking it then go for it!

    However, the name Oakley is just a definite no go for me. Far too masculine and to me it is a last name. Sorry.
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    Two beautiful girls!

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    I actually really love Jette Rosalie. It's pretty and unique without being totally out there.
    I also really love Rose by itself, by I don't think Jette Rose would work here. Rosalie Jette would be really beautiful as well.
    I also love the suggestion of Este! Este Rose or Este Rosalie would be beautiful.
    The only name I'm not really sold on is Oakley.
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    I really like Jette Rosalie.

    Oakley Rosabel
    Oakley Primrose

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