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    Cambria is my favorite MS font...

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    I think it's as usable as any of the place names that are used and actually, considering the "cam" beginning, has a familiarity to it that others may not.

    I'm not a fan of place names overall, so it's NMS, but again I think it's usable. And since you are a geography student there is a link that many (like those who name their kid Dakota, Cairo, etc.) who choose place names do not have (which is nice to have in some shape or form). That said, it'd be nice to have a little more to go on that connects you to Cambria. Say, family ties to Wales?

    I do believe the most common pronunciation is Cam-bree-uh -- Cam as in Camille or camera.

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    Cambria is also the name of a small town in our area here on the central coast of California (San Luis Obispo area). We all pronounce it Cam-bree-uh (like the "cam" in Camille). It's a beautiful town, so I'm in support of it.

    Inspiration can come from anywhere if the name sounds right. I disagree that the place should have any significance (talking to you out there, parents of London and Paris!).

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    I know 2! One pronounces it CAME-bree-a (which I always thought was the correct way to pronounce the town). The other pronounces her name CAM-bree-a.

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    It has a pretty/modern sound that would blend in well but I think of the Microsoft Word font. I have met a Cambria before; she is a teenager and wears it well. I think it's a good name, not a particularly interesting one, but if it has special significance to you then definitely consider it.
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