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    karacavazos Guest

    Which Order Should We Go With?

    We have very nearly decided on our girl name but we cannot fully decide on the order. Any thoughts?

    Since day one I've thought of the baby bump as Juliet. However, I was switching it around between first and middle because I knew it would be used SOMEWHERE in the name no matter what. I wanted it as a middle name initially but now it's screaming first name since that's what I want to call her. But she could go by Juliet even if its the middle name. We finally chose the other names: Audrey and Cordelia. Cordelia will be the 3rd name, but we can't decide between the other two:

    Audrey Juliet Cordelia


    Juliet Audrey Cordelia?

    Which sounds better? My hubby likes Audrey a tiny bit more than Juliet and I like Juliet a tiny bit more than Audrey, but we both love them both even despite popularity. Plus, Juliet translates better than Audrey into Spanish and French which is somewhat important to our family. Which should we go with?

    Edited to Add:

    Which goes better with big brother Maximus? Audrey or Juliet?
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    Audrey Juliet Cordelia flows better.
    All the best,

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    karacavazos Guest
    But could I still call her Juliet even if it is in the middle? Not sure how much that matters. Or if people would automatically try to call her Audrey since it comes first? This is our debate, haha! Which goes better with big brother Maximus?

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    I chose Audrey Juliet Cordelia, just because it does flow slightly better, but after reading your post I do think Juliet Audrey Cordelia goes better with Maximus as an older brother, and it seems like you have more of a connection with Juliet. And Juliet Audrey Cordelia is gorgeous!

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    My parents named me always intending to call me my middle name and I'd honestly suggest putting the name you actually want to call your child first. It is still SUCH a pain constantly correcting and explaining why I use my middle name rather than the first (I'm 22)-and now at university and work I just use my first name (which still doesn't really feel like my name as I am so used to the middle), and only my family and close friends use my middle (or what I feel is actually MY name).
    My exact experience may not be everyone's-but I thought I'd share just to give you a fresh perspective.

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