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    Thoughts on my list (I'm not pregnant)

    Hello, there, all. I'm not pregnant, I'm 16 and not looking to get pregnant for probably ten years. I have a name list, though, that is rather long, and I would love any and all feedback. My list has a very diverse group of names and this is absolutely not a sibset. I tend to gravitate towards Biblical names and Scandinavian names.

    The Combos:
    Ezra Stephen Fox
    Nehemiah Rory Daniel
    Thomas Eli Robin
    Percy Archer Franklin (I'd like him called Percy Archer, is that awful to have a double name for a boy?)
    Espen Andrew Thatcher
    Uriah Nash Griffin / Griffin Dash
    Linus Drake Esbjorn

    The singles/partial combos:
    Silas Benjamin
    Wren Walter
    Gaspar Graham
    Friedrich "Fritz"
    Prosper - middle
    Apollo - middle
    Nicolai - middle
    Finch - middle
    Algernon - middle
    Painter - middle
    Nahum - middle
    Salem - middle
    Shiloh - middle

    I'd like to hear favorites, thoughts, combos, etc. Thanks guys!

    xx acsc

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    My favorites -

    Ezra - middle name
    Fox - middle name
    Finch - middle name

    Wren - for a girl
    Shiloh - for a girl

    "A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
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    <3 heart my son <3

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    Here are my thoughts on your combos.

    Ezra Stephen Fox - the ph/f in Stephen Fox isn't ideal but the combo isn't bad.

    Nehemiah Rory Daniel - this flows ok but I only like the first name.

    Thomas Eli Robin - this is my fave. This trio has a fine blend of traditional, Biblical and quirky. The only issue is that all of the names are two-syllables. It doesn't sound as bad as some because they all sound different.

    Percy Archer Franklin - there is too much "er" in the double name of Percy Archer. Also, all of the three names are two-syllables in length.

    Espen Andrew Thatcher - not a fan of any of these two-syllable names.

    Uriah Nash Griffin - I think I prefer Nash rather than Dash. Now if it was Dashiell, my opinion would change.

    Linus Drake Esbjorn - I love Linus but not crazy about the other two mn's. This combo flows well though.

    I will add some mn's from your list to your single names and partial combos. Many of your names are two-syllables long so I needed to reuse Finch, Apollo and Nicolai a lot.

    Silas Benjamin Finch
    Wren Walter Nicolai
    Gaspar Graham Apollo
    Anselm Nicolai Finch
    Cavan Shiloh Algernon
    Judah Nicolai Painter
    Friedrich Salem Apollo
    Stellan Finch Apollo
    Ezekiel Prosper Finch
    Shepherd Nicolai Finch
    Larkin Apollo Finch
    All the best,

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    I really like Percy, Ezra, Stellan, Apollo and Algernon.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    I really like Gaspar Apollo Graham and Larkin Apollo.

    @mischa: I have had a long battle with my syllables and would love some suggestions of single syllable names! I have a very hard time finding ones I like.

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