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  • Cora Bridewell Kavanaugh

    20 46.51%
  • Magnolia "Nola" Bridewell Kavanaugh

    16 37.21%
  • Alexandra "Lexie" Bridewell Kavanaugh

    7 16.28%
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    Oops--Trying again: Cora, Nola or Lexie?

    Having a terrible time naming our second daughter. Our first daughter is Eleanor, but we only really use her nickname, Lena. Trying to decide between these 3--Cora is at the top, right now, but my concern is having a first name that start with a C and then a last name that starts with a K. Is that nothing to be worried about? Thanks, Berries!
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    Cora is my pick from you list. Beautiful name! Nola seems too close to Eleanor and Lexie is too far off in style. Cora fits perfectly.

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    I like Alexandra with Eleanor however for a nickname I prefer Ally which sounds nicer with Lena.

    I dont love Cora with Eleanor but it sounds ok with Lena.

    Cora sounds great with your last name so I wouldn't be concerned about that if it is your fave.

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    Alexandra sounds the best with Eleanor. Lexie is not ideal for a nickname (Sexy Lexie). You could use Sasha, Alix, Allie, Annie, Andie, Xana, Lexa, Andra, Sandy, Alexa etc...Any one of these is preferable to the overly cutesy Lexie.
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