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    Ophelia - Love it. Ph sounds and -elia endings are my weakness, plus I love the Shakespeare character.
    Octavia - Feels kind of edgy and vintage at the same time, which is awesome. Also, cool nn possibilities.
    Sybella - I love, love, love this name. I've always like the meaning of Sybil and the nickname Sybbie, but Sybil just feels frumpy to me while Sybella is graceful, mysterious, and magical. Soooo pretty.
    Justine - Eh. It's NMS. I don't like that it's only one letter away from Justin, and the sound isn't all that great.
    Gwendolen/Guinevere - My name is Gwendolyn. I used to hate it (and passionately wished my name were Guinevere) but now I like it. I definitely love being a Gwen, so you can't go wrong with either of these IMO.
    Magda - Cool. I like that it feels sort of pan-European. A bit clunky, but horribly so.
    Cornelia - Love it. Just the right balance of clunk and frills. I'd love to meet a Cornelia in real life.
    Esme - Another name I'm completely in love with. It's just so sleek and sophisticated and gorgeous!
    Emmeline - Used to be one of my favorites. I still quite like it. It's very spunky and feminine.
    Leonie - Definitely beloved here on NB, but NMS. It feels too cutesy and sounds a little unpleasant to me.
    Azenor - Love it. So bold and fun, and a million times cooler than Eleanor.
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    Ophelia/Octavia: Both of these have recently caught my eye. I think they're beautiful. I prefer Octavia over Ophelia though.
    Sybella: I prefer Sybil, I'm not sure why.
    Justine: This is okay.. It feels a little dated to me. Would be a nice middle.
    Gwendolen/Guinevere: Never really got on board with the 'Gwen' names. Just not my style.
    Magda: I like Magda! But, I prefer it as a nickname to Magdalena. I also prefer Magnolia over both.
    Cornelia: I like Cordelia just because it doesn't have 'corn' in it.
    Esme: So beautiful. I'd love to meet a little Esme.
    Emmeline: Classic and strong! Great choice.
    Leonie: I'd prefer Leona but it's okay.
    Azenor: Hmm.. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I think I like Azalea more.
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    Justine - feels dated to me, makes me think of Justine Bateman.
    Cornelia - never liked the sound of this one; much prefer Cordelia.
    Azenor - a little too out there for me.

    Love the rest!
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    Ophelia -- love this name. It is on my guilty pleasure lis (rather than my short list) because of the Shakespeare character association (which I and my family as well as many friends strongly tie this name to). It's not the tragedy part, but rather her lack of strength that deters me.

    Octavia -- A fun, slightly bold name. I enjoy it.

    Sybella -- Like this better than Sybilla and Sybil. A nice alternative to other "bells"

    Justine -- Not a fan.

    Gwendolen / Guinevere -- In general, the Gwen names just don't grab me.

    Magda -- Pretty but somehow quite dominating/overbearing as well.

    Cornelia -- Just okay. I can't really get behind Cordelia either. I think it's the mix of harsh and sweet that just musses it up for me.

    Esme -- Not a fan, though many Nameberries love it.

    Emmeline -- Lovely, though not as inspiring as some of your other choices.

    Leonie -- I love this name. It's pretty but kinda quirky and unexpected without being too out there.

    Azenor -- This one is new to me. I don't like the first syllable. And I'm a huge fan of Eleanor, so I think that's interfering with my ability to look at the name objectively. Leonor or Leonora are other lovely options, especially since you like Leonie.

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    Ophelia - Beautiful and classic.
    Octavia - Spunky. Plus, I have an appreciation for Latin names.
    Sybella - Love this fresh take on "Bella-type" names. I also love her predecessor, Sybil.
    Justine - Not too big of a fan of her. Reminds me too much of the 80s sounding Christine.
    Gwendolen/Guinevere - I love both of these. Guinevere gets extra points for its ultra literary feel.
    Magda - Lovely, though I prefer Magdalene.
    Cornelia - One of the feminized versions of male names I appreciate most. Also, love the NN Nellie.
    Esme - Sweet and simple.
    Emmeline - This one has graced my list a few times. I'm a fan.
    Leonie - Same as Emmeline. She is light and fun, but still established.
    Azenor - Love the history and meaning of this one, though I prefer Elinor or Senara (or even Lux.)

    Overall, I really enjoy your list My favorites are Guinevere and Leonie.
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