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    Question Alabama Gypsy Rose

    I read that some star named their baby Alabama Gypsy Rose a few years ago. I LOVE the name, but my guy, mom and everybody else hates it. I really like "Gypsy Rose" but again, everybody hates it!!! It's not ugly. I really think it's different and cute. Alabama Gypsy Rose or just Gypsy Rose. Thoughts?? :roll: :sad:

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    #1 Too many word names for one little child. 3 word names are OTT because it sounds like the parent is talking about the name of a plant or describing a type of flower. Think along the lines of Georgia Peach.
    Place name +(derogatory) term for the Romani people + Flower = sentence.

    #2 People consider the word gypsy to be a derogatory term used to describe the Romani people. It is a controversial choice.

    I understand the appeal due to the frilliness of the name, but for these reasons I can't get on board with this name.

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    Not to mention this is the archetypal stripper name, thanks to Gypsy Rose Lee!

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    When your father is Shooter Jennings, I don't imagine that it's very hard to pull off a name like Alabama.
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    The Alabama Rose part is fine. But as giinkies mentioned above, I can't get on board with giving the derogatory term bit.

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