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    Red face Girls names based on the following personality traits...

    Hey! Without using imagery to describe the child’s physical appearance I was interested to know what names come to mind with each child based on personality traits alone. Do you have different styles per personality profile or are names from the same style just different?

    Child 1-Active, Agreeable, Animated, Amusing, Bouncy, Bubbly, busy, Charismatic, Cheerful, Cute (acts cute), Energetic, Engaging, Friendly, Frolicking, Fun-loving, Funny, Happy, Light-hearted, Likes to be the centre of attention, Little actor, Little ray of sunshine, Never sits still, Outgoing, Positive, Random, Smiley, Social, Smiles at everyone, Talkative.

    Child 2-Agreeable, Calm, Careful, Cautious, Comforting, Concerned, Cuddly, Detailed, Easy going, Feels for others, Gentle, Graceful, Kind, Loving, Low-key, Pleasant, Pleasing, Quiet, Relaxed, Reserved, Sensitive, Soothing, Subdued, Sweet, Tender-hearted, Thoughtful.

    Child 3-Adventurous, Assertive, Busy, Competitive, Determined, Down to Earth, Energetic, Enterprising, Entrepreneurial, Feisty, Independent, Industrious, Into everything, Loud, Outgoing, Passionate, Persistent, Practical, Quick, Rambunctious, Resourceful, Restless, Risk-taker, Rowdy, Strong-willed, Swift, Take charge.

    Child 4-Articulate, Bold, Clear, Concise, Deeply loyal, Dignified, Efficient, Exact, Focused, Honourable, Literal, Logical, Mature, Precise, Poised, Polite, Proper, Reflective, Reserved, Responsible, Serious, Still, Structured, Thorough, Well-mannered, Well behaved.

    Thank you!

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    I definitely assign certain traits to certain names even if it isn't always fair.

    1. Daisy or Eliza or Caroline
    2. Hope or Alexandra or Cordelia
    3. Ramona or Eloise or Madison
    4. Beatrice or Anabel or Charlotte

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    Hah! I am actually making my short list where I have a range of names for personality types. I realized that my list was overly filled with Child 2 or 4 and because when I went in with the short list with my son and having to resurrect a name from the longer list because the names on my short list didn't suit him! I've got the girls list down but the boy list is a work in progress. There is some overlap. Interesting thing is your 4 numbers correspond pretty well to how I divided them up. I was less specific though, only using two temperament traits.

    1.Audrey, Caroline, Julia, Josephine, Hannah, Miranda, Margot, Irene, Esme, Clara, Nora, Adeline, Helena

    Victor, Abraham, Gideon, Oliver, Nathaniel, Simon, Everett, Isaac, Calvin, August, Nicholas, Arthur, Elliott, Stefan, Roman, Sebastian, Frederick, Henry, Donovan

    2.Julia, Juliet, Margot, Helena, Clara, Adela, Adeline, Miranda, Hannah, Greta, Ada, Estella, Marian, Elsa, Helena

    Abraham, Gideon, Nathaniel, Gabriel, Everett, Simon, Calvin, Oliver, Nicholas, Arthur, Elliott, Stefan, Anthony, Sebastian, Edwin, Frederick, Henry

    3.Audrey, Caroline, Nora, Julia, Maisie, Josephine, Margot, Philippa, Eliza, Irene, Esme, Susannah, Margot

    Victor, Vincent, Roscoe, Everett, Jasper, Casper, Alexander, Isaac, Nicholas, August, Roman, Frederick, Donovan

    4.Audrey, Caroline, Nora, Julia, Maisie, Josephine, Margot, Philippa, Juliet, Marian, Eliza, Irene, Esme, Greta, Susannah
    , Helena
    Victor, Everett, Vincent, Oscar, Jasper, Calvin, Isaac, Casper, Roman, Edwin, Frederick, Donovan
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    Wow I love the responses thank you guys. I find this so interesting.
    anaxandra-I love your boys list for number 4! (Similar to my own style)
    breannajai-I agree with many of your names!
    Mine are:
    My picks for girls...
    Child one-I think of Felicity, Cleo or Lola (Spunky/fun names)
    Child two-Fern, Arden or Indigo (Nature/word names came to mind)
    Child three-Hadley, Margo or Stella (More serious names or a different take on spunky names)
    Child four-Imogen, Penelope or Alice (Regal names or vintage names).
    I like all the styles for different reasons. But I think deep down I am perhaps a type 4 namer.
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    Child I - Sophie comes to mind. For some reason, I picture a short name. So, maybe something just as bouncy and energetic as Liv, Ava, Suri, Poppy, Pippa, Veronica nn "Ronnie", *chuckles* Zoe (though that's very unlike me), Zara.

    Child II - Something soft, long, elegant and lacey sounds appropriate: Cecilia, Arabella, Annabelle, Penelope nn "Penny", Beatrice, Caroline, nn "Millie", Emmeline, Rosemary, Helena; or even Lucy, Margo, Gracie, or Lacey.

    Child III - Needs something just as loud as her; something that'll get your attention and make a statement, unforgettable: Esperanza (nn 'Esper'?), Phoebe, Cordelia, Juno, Peresphone (nn 'Persie'?), Cassiopeia (nn 'Cassie'?), Octavia, Philomena or Philomela nn "Pippa", Seraphina/Seraphine, Florence, Quincy, Zora.

    Child IV - Ramona. Hands down. But, here are some other suggestions: Paige, Livia, Francis/Frances (nn 'Fran'?), Clarice/Clarisse, Elsa, Elise, Elaine/Eliana, Vivienne, Beatrice, Georgina, Julia, Edith, Judith (nn 'Judy'?), Adelaide (nn 'Della'?), Isobel, Eleanor.
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