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    Middles for Hero??

    Hi berries! I'm a bit new here (well at least to posting) so first off, nice to meet you all! My name's Cass and my little girl is due at the beginning of May (she'll be my first!!).
    I really love the name Hero for her and I'd love to use it as a first, but I'm having trouble with the middle name. I keep going back to Hero Juliet. I love it so much, but feel it's a bit Shakespeare heavy, especially for someone who doesn't read it. I also like Hero Adelaide, but am not sure about the first name ending in a vowel and the middle starting with one.
    So what are your opinions on Hero Juliet & Hero Adelaide? And do you have any other suggestions for the middle?

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    Hero Juliet is very nice. I don't think that Juliet is only used as a literary reference name. You don't have to be a huge Shakespeare reader to use Juliet or Ophelia. They can stand on their own two feet, I think. Hero Adelaide is nice too, but I prefer Hero Juliet / Juliette. Both are quite feminine, which works nicely with Hero.

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    I agree that super-feminine middles work best with Hero, since it's a word name that ends in O. I think Hero Adelaide and Hero Juliet are both lovely. I guess I slightly prefer Hero Juliet; it feels more balanced.

    Other suggestions:

    Hero Lavinia
    Hero Amelia
    Hero Cecilia
    Hero Annabel
    Hero Aveline
    Hero Vivian/Vivienne
    Hero Lucille
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    I like Hero Juliet as well. I sounds very pretty!

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    I think Hero Juliet is lovely! I'm sure you'll get asked a million times throughout her life if you're a big Shakespeare fan, but if you love the name enough it probably won't bother you that much.

    Hero Adelaide is also very lovely, as is pp's suggestion of Hero Cecelia. An obviously feminine middle is necessary to balance it out. Hero Josephine, Hero Rosalie, Hero Caroline, Hero Seraphine, Hero Evangeline...

    I have to say, I admire your courage! Hero was on my list for a girl several months ago but I got a lot of negative responses to it and decided to put it on the back burner for a while. But I love the idea of a little girl named Hero, and Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite play (although the character of Hero herself doesn't really do anything for me), so the reference is sweet.

    Congrats on your little girl! And welcome to Nameberry!
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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