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    why not use your last name as their mn

    My middle name of lissette was my mums last name.
    I always liked that i have not only my fathers last name but my mothers as well and when i was little i thought everyone did that!
    I also did this with my sons giving them my last name as their middle names.
    Just thought i would put it out there incase people maybe hadn't considered the option

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    I kind of wish I could do that in the future when I come to having kids. Only problem is the fact my surname does not fit with any of the names I like, and I would be very restricted if I had to choose names that did go well with it. At the moment I'm just banking on my male cousins to carry on the family surname.
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    Actress Courteney Cox's family does this. I personally wouldn't do it.

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    I have actually considered this as an alternative to a double-barreled last name. I decided to go with the DB last name as I want to use the middle spot as an honoring. I think it's a great idea though. Of course not all of us have such a lovely choice as Lisette! What a great last name to middle name!

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    I am considering it for my future son's middle. My maiden name is Benoit, which is commonly used as a first name here in Canada, so it would work nicely for a boy's middle name. However, mine is one of those rare names that work, many wouldn't work as well. For example, I've met a Nolan and a Jamieson who followed that rule and those work great. However, some wouldn't work, like Scherbotskey, Granger, Lebrun etc.
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