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    Hello all! Thanks so much for all the suggestions during this crazy journey! Man I can't wait until that first good night of sleep we all get!!

    I tried dream feeding last night. Woke him after 3 hours, fed him, put him back down. It went fine, but he didn't sleep his full 6 hours again, he woke up every 3 after that. And after his next waking he still stayed up an hour or so before going back down! Wish he hasn't picked up that habit! Hoping its just a quick phase!

    Tonight I gave Jem his bath, and rocked/bounced him for a while. Put him down for the night at 7:30, then half an hour later I hear him 'talking'! That's never happened before! So I went back in, gave him paci. He started to fall into REM sleep twice before finally waking completely. I put him in bed with me to feed and am now rocking him down! Wonder if this will be a new thing?

    I am still struggling to find what is 'right' for us as far as parenting style goes, which dictates how he will sleep! I like aspects of both attatchment parenting and a more routine and scheduled sort of parenting. I feel like he is still so little and I like attatchment parenting because I just want him to be comfy and happy and 'natural'. But at the same time I am going crazy with him only being able to sleep on my chest at times. He sleeps in his rocknplay less and less every day! Part of me thinks we should just crib train him and be done with it! I read some of 'the baby whisperer' book today. I like her method of training without the crying and trauma! She says it works best to train them before 3 months. Basically by putting them in their cribs, and if they cry, pick them up, comfort them or take care of their needs, and put them back immediately. I guess the first night it can takes hundreds of times before the baby falls asleep, but then lessens and usually they can go to sleep on their own the first time by the third day. Not sure it'll work with our little guy but we might try. Like I said, I'm just not sure what I want! Just trying to help him find his way and get in his own rythyms! It's just hard when his 'rythym' seems to be falling asleep on me and waking minutes after being put down! Ugh!

    Oh well! Every day and night is something new. I'm sure we will find our way soon!

    Off to try and set him down! Wish me well!

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