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    Hey babylove! Sounds like little Jem is doing great! I hope he's feeling better after your concerns prior to his last doctor visit, and hopefully you're feeling better too It looks like you've got plenty of good advice to sort through here and find what works for you. For me, it was a combination of crib and bed sharing until DD moved to her big girl bed around 2 years old, and it will probably be different for DS. I will just add this, as you try to figure out when to work on which things. From everything I've seen from credible breastfeeding resources, those overnight feedings and the hormonal and physical stimulation they provide can be vital to a mother's supply, especially if you have longer term breastfeeding goals. Your supply doesn't regulate to a more mechanical "supply and demand" until somewhere around 12 weeks, and is more hormonally driven up until that point. After that, some babies will need to eat overnight, and some will settle with minimal fussing. It's also extremely common for a baby to go weeks or months sleeping through the night, and then go through a regression for days/weeks/months. Also, this. While Blade is a doctor who is also a mom of young children, and has obviously educated herself on current medical information regarding pediatrics... my personal experience with pediatricians has been varied. I would take sleep and other life advice from any pediatrician with a big old grain of salt, especially if it's been a while since they attended medical school. My first pediatrician told us to turn the car seat around at 1 year old/25 lbs, so she was obviously giving advice on a non medical topic that she hadn't bothered to keep up with. Keep following your instincts and questioning when something doesn't sound right (as you already are!), and you'll be fine!
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