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    New Mom- What Worked For You- Sleep Training

    Hello mom berries! I am a first time mom, and I am quickly discovering that there are very differing opinions on pretty much everything as far as babies go. I am also discovering that it is largely not a matter of what the books say (since there ARE so many opinions) but what feels right for me and my baby personally. I am just trying to fin my own groove here. I have a but of an advantage, because I've been a nanny for years and have experience with infants. So ive seen many different styles of parenting, what works and what doesnt, etc. However, most of the babies ive watched have been at least three months old (my little man is a month old). So I do feel a little lost and scared with this tiny human entrusted to me! Especially now that I'm pondering sleep training!

    First off I will say that I was SO against co sleeping from the very start. With all the scary SIDS risks. But I am exclusively breastfeeding (except one bottle a day with breastmilk given by daddy), and I found thay everyone sleeps so much better with him in the same bed. I know everyone has strong opinions on this, but this is just what has worked best for us at night.

    Now here is where I am lost. At Jems well visit yesterday, the dr said that now is a great time to start sleep training and cutting down on night time feeds. He said that we could start cutting down nighttime feeds one at a time, and that since his weight gain has been fabulous and he is a bit older now, he is capable of going 8 hours without snacking. Currently our night is something like this (on a good night). Jem eats around 7:30, goes to sleep around 8. Wakes to eat around 11, 2, 5, and 8, give or take an hour or so. So we will start with the 11 feeding and go from there with cutting them down/out.

    Once he is sleeping longer at night and I'm not having to feed him every 3 hours, I'd like to transition him to his crib. The trouble is, he has gotten so used to being held and rocked to sleep, and then sleeping cuddled up next to me. I tried to start him napping in his crib today, but I just don't know how to do it. I put him in a sleeps sack, rocked him, gave him a paci, and set him down. He would cry a few minutes, then quiet down, cry a few minutes, quiet down. After a while of this I jut went in and picked him up. I read onlin about how if you don't respond immediately to a you'd babies needs (under 3 months) that it will cause all kind of emotional damage to them and they will feel neglected. Ugh. I also read that babies should feed on demand for the first three months. But our pediatrician said otherwise as far as cutting out night time feedings! There is just so much conflicting info! So I am curious- what has worked for everyone? Sorry for rambling, I hope it all made sense! I look forward to reading all of your responses!

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