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    Stretch Mark Cream

    Does anyone know of a good preventative stretch mark cream?

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    From what I've read, there is no proof that any of the creams actually do anything at all. Some women are just prone to getting more. Definitely keep it moisturized to help with itching and just hope for the best!
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    I'm with stephyknee. I have done extensive research on this since I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant, and there is no reliable data that shows there is anything you can do to prevent them. Some women get them, some don't. Sorry
    On that note, it couldn't help to keep moisturized, I just wouldn't spend a ton of money on any supposed fancy anti-stretchmark creams.

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    Thanks for the advice ladies! I will just go to the store and find a good moisturizer.

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    I know they say it's all genetics, but I swear bio oil works. I was using your standard cocoa butter cream and started to see some little lines, switched to the oil and it actually reduced the couple I had and I didn't get a single real stretch mark. It's super greasy though.

    I've also heard good stuff about Burts Bees mama bee belly butter.
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