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    I totally agree with Tarynkay, he will probably sleep better if he's slightly away from you and isn't listening out for you. And he'll probably be able to smell the breastmilk which will be very tempting for the little guy! Its all worth trying. I do understand about wanting to peak in on him though- the first night Juni slept through, I lay in bed wide awake and worrying. Luckily I had a really bad back so couldn't get up anyway, I would've only disturbed her!
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    Thanks everyone for the continual support!

    I am so lost! As blade mentioned, it seems more practical to pick either feeds or sleeping arrangements to work on first, rather than simultaneously. However it seems to sort of go hand in hand, as some of you mentioned. When he sleeps further away from me, he sleeps longer stretches and eats less. The trouble is getting him to sleep in the crib or bassinet in the first place. We have to rock him completely into a deep sleep. Whereas when he is in bed, he eats, my husband burps him, and then he puts himself back to sleep while laying next to me. So much easier!

    So I've been thinking all day and I'm thinking to try one of these plans tonight-

    1. Let him stay in bed with me. This would be most comfortable for Jem. But would involve me being wide awake for every little sound and movement, and tempted to feed him more often. Also he is tempted to eat more often.

    2. Just try out the crib. I moved the glider right next to it. So when he is loud enough for me to hear that he is clearly awake (crying, not just grumbling) I would get up, feed him, burp him, put him back down. I could enlist hubby to take first feeding of the night (11-12ish) so that I could get some rest. Only trouble is I don't know how soundly he would sleep in a wide open crib!

    3. Bassinet. Same deal as the crib, but we put him down in the rocknplay. He will sleep more soundly. But downside is that we will have to soon do ANOTHER transition from rocknplay to crib.

    4. A combination of these. He did great in the bassinet for those four hour last night. So let him do that again. Next feeding my husband can do, rock him down, then put him in the crib. Next time he is up, I can get him, feed him, rock him, and depending on how he is and what time it is, put him back in the crib, or let him finish out the morning with me. This seems a little hectic, but at least it would be a way of seeing what works and what definitely does not work.

    I know I'm sort of repeating myself. Just trying to get it down in writing to see what makes the most sense. What do you all think?

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    I like #4. Seems to be where Jem is leading you!
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    Hi Babylove,
    I just wanted to add my two cents worth. I haven't read all the posts, so I'm sorry if someone has already suggested this, but with our first, I used the book, "Twelve Hours' Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old" by Suzy Giordano and it was amazing. It worked beautifully and we will be using it again with Kurt. (Of course, now that I've had a second baby, I realize we were incredibly blessed with our first baby in that he came to us being a very sound sleeper. We had nothing to do with that part, so it made things a lot easier. I don't think we are going to be as lucky with our second.) Anyway, the nice thing about the book is that you can go at your own pace, so we followed the book, but it took our child 14 weeks before he could sleep through the night, but that was o.k. because I knew we had a good plan in place and we would get there. Good luck to you and Jem. I'm sure you will find the combination of things that works best for your family!
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    Thanks Frances! Every bit helps!

    I am happy to report that after a horrifyingly long day, Jem slept fabulously! He slept 12-3:30, at which point my husband gave him the bottle and rocked him down then he slept again until 8! That means I got almost a full night of sleep! He did 'wake up' (as in grunt and make fussy noises) at 5 and again at 7 or so, but I just rocked his rocknplay and he went back down! He got pretty fussy around 7:30 so I let him sleep on my chest for a half hour before getting up to feed him. He slept in the rocknplay all night besides that. So proud of my little guy!! Here's to hoping it continues to work like that! Also I've been putting him down for naps in his crib. We have the routine of going in and reading a book (even if he crys through it), then I turn on white noise and put him down. His bedtime routine is similar except we give him a bath and do pjs, and use a different noise on his sound maker.

    Anyways, thanks so much for all your help! I hope it keeps going this well!

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