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    What's your opinion on Eden Rose?

    Hello ;D
    So I am almost set on girl name Eden Rose (with Rose as an middle name). I just love the meaning of Eden and the nickname Eddie. What do you guys think of this name? & what kind of girl do you imagine when you hear it? Could you also think of sibling names (maybe for in the future ).

    Thank you guys so much

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    I don't mind Eden but Rose seems to be one of those go-to "filler" middle names. Eden Rose flows well but since they're both four letters, I would prefer something a longer in the middle spot. Have you considered longer "Rose" names like Rosalind, Rosemary, Rosalie etc..? I do prefer the nn Edie rather than the boyish Eddie as a nickname choice.

    I've never met an Eden so I really don't have any association with the name itself. The image it conjures up for me is of a curious, slightly mischievous, spunky girl. I think names like Willow, Marnie, Noelle, Chloe, Claire, Amber, Violet, Ivy, Briar, Ruby, Lark, Grace, Flora, Holly, Margo, Zara, Brooke, Shea, Marlowe, Zoe, Calla, Paige and Skye would be good for Eden's sisters.
    All the best,

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    I like Eden Rose w/an additional mn (or perhaps even as a double first name). Rose is so brief...feels like she'd be shortchanged w/just that middle name.

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    I think Eden Rose is beautiful. A place of delight and a beautiful flower, that for me brings thoughts of love, peace, and beauty. Great combo.

    You will have some that will suggest that you might be using Rose as a filler, I hear this with Grace also. For me, both names, whether in the first name spot or middle name spot, would be for my late grandma and are special to me. Personally I do not understand the assumption of a name being used as a filler. I assume most people spend quite some time in choosing their children's names.

    Eden Rose is gorgeous.

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    I love Eden Rose!!! I have an Eden,she's Eden Grace, but was almost Eden Rose. It's a beautiful choice!

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