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Thread: Ursula?

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    Do you think Ursula is usable on an actual person? Do you know of anyone called Ursula? What would you think if you came across one?
    I'm starting to really like it but can't get past the Disney villan from The Little Mermaid.
    The meaning is very cute "little female bear" and I'd probably pair it with a mythological Greek middle name.

    Any opinions?
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    I adore it--it was one of my parents' runner-up names for me, and wish they'd picked it! It has a dark elegance that I love. But yes, I'd be concerned about the Disney connection since kids still grow up with that movie.

    I met my first Ursula teaching recently, and it didn't seem to be an issue.

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    I love Ursula! I don't know anyone named Ursula, but I think it's awesome.
    I'd be stoked to come across someone named Ursula.
    The Little Mermaid character does come to mind first (it was my favourite movie as a kid, and I used to think she was under my bed and her tentacles would get me in the dark hahaha), but I try so hard to get past it because the name is great. I hate turning names in to statements, but I feel like, if more people were brave enough to use Ursula to change peoples' minds away from the sea witch, Ursula would be seen as much more usable. I would be game to be one of those parents to use it for such a reason. It's a lovely name.
    Ursula and Allegra would be my "statement" names, haha "No, not like the sea witch. No, not like the allergy meds."
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    Ursula is probably my favourite U name for a girl, I do know 1 Ursula who's around 26 years old and she says that the character doesnt bother her, actually the other day she was wearing a shirt with the disney character on it.
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    I like it but other than the 'Little Mermaid' name association, I have a hard time seeing it on an actual person rather than a character. I'm sure I'd adjust if I knew someone with the name. It's pretty out there not just because of the name association like with Atticus, but the sound is also so different.

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