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Thread: Ursula?

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    I know one Ursula in her twenties. She's Welsh and goes by Ursy. I was surprised when I first heard her name but I got over it pretty quickly. She seems to be getting along with it ok. I don't know how she feels about the Disney connection.

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    I know a seven year old Ursula and she rocks that name. Her family calls her Susu. It might be the girl herself rather than the name, but to me Ursula feels very different from the character it represents on the Little Mermaid. To me it sounds gentle and playful rather than sultry and aggressive. Ursa is just as good IMO.

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    I love it...had a teacher named Ursula, but the Disney association will be a problem for a few years (ages 3-10, at most).

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    I have always liked Ursula. I associate it more with Friends, (Pheobe's twin sister) than with Disney. I don't like name association and like to think each person has their own aura to their name. It only takes one Ursula to make the name beautiful!

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    I'll be the black sheep and say that I don't like Ursula. It just doesn't sound "pretty" to my ears. Maybe it's an acquired taste?
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