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    If we have a boy, my husband would just LOVE to name him after himself (Jamil Jr.) with Danger as his middle name. And he's not joking. Needless to say, it's been difficult narrowing down what we can agree on. For girls we have tentatively agreed on Ruby, Amelie, Ambelia (it's a greek thing), or November (nn Ember). For boys we have River and Sagan (nn Sage), and that's as far as we've gotten!

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    My primary partner is a guy. He loves the name Apollonia (like the character from The Godfather). He's also a fan of Faye, which is his favorite relative's middle name. Faye is a personal favorite in honor of my mentor, so fortunately there's some overlap. I also quite like Apollonia, particularly with the nns Polly or Annie.
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    My husband has the most boring taste in names. I love him, but his choices are so dull. Everything slightly different is "weird", and he has vetoed all names strongly linked to the Royal Family (yes, really), so no Victoria, Charles, William, or Elizabeth. :/ On top of that, he's never around kids and spends his work days interacting with predominantly older people with heart problems, so he has no idea what the norm is. Some of his suggestions:


    He does like Biblical names, but only really standard ones, like Nathan and Rebecca, although he did say that he likes Silas. The only names we agree on are Paul and Miriam. We are on the same page about on lots of things, but not names. If I ever do get pregnant, there will be some interesting name discussions, I'm sure!
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    My partner likes names that are different so luckily for me he is quite open to anything!

    His boy list would consist of...
    Isaac (our number one name for a boy)

    His girl list would consist of...

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    I would say my boyfriend and I have pretty similar tastes in names. I'm always the one who brings up the topic though haha.

    I know for boys we both absolutely love Morgan. He also likes Lucian, Lucas, Rory, Zander, and Ezra. Ezra is actually a name he saw one day and liked so much that he was the one to bring up the subjects of names first! He likes a lot of mythological names like Odin and Loki but we wouldn't use those on kids, only on pets.

    For girls I think Mila is his favorite. We don't discuss girls names that often for some reason.
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