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    My boyfriend and I, should we ever marry and have kids, would be fine picking names together. We like different names, but we do agree on some.

    His favorites:

    For girls-
    Juliet (which I LOVE!)

    [His name is Aubrey, so he's always liked names like Avery, Sidney, and Bailey]

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    My husband is very future thinking. So for him, he likes to think how our child (as an adult) would feel about their name. We run our own business so he's assuming maybe one of our kids would eventually take that over (if they choose to, of course). So, he likes easy to pronounce and spell names, and ones that are strong, more classic names. Basically, he wants our kids to be taken seriously when they have to put their names on a resume, haha!

    His name is Michael, his brother's name is Lucas. He likes the boy names: David, Noah, Peter, Caleb, Henry, etc. For girls I know he likes: Emma, Kristen, Natalie, Lauren, Lucy, Charlotte, Emily.

    We both have Scandinavian background so I like names that reflect that such as Elsa and Britta. I think we'll end up having a combination of "normal" names and Norwegian sounding names

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    My significant other has more "out there" tastes than I do. He is very into word names, and would happily pick outlandish for our future kid. He really likes Wave for a boy, for example, and Sonnet and Clover for a girl. I don't dislike those names, but they also seem very specific in a way that I'm not that into. I'd rather go with something more neutral. He likes a few more neutral names for girls, like Pearl and June. He's not into long, flowing names at all (a big no to Octavia, which I love). He also dislikes any feminizations of male names (so no Theodora or Louisa) and we'd both rather avoid anything biblical or religious-seeming. So two of my favorites, Josephine and Simone, are a double strike out! He also dislikes unisex names and names that could sound boyish-- so no to Bronwen.

    Basically, he likes word names almost exclusively, and my taste is broader.

    For girls, we agree on Clementine, Cosima (though a friend just used this, so I think it's out), and Penelope (long, but he thinks it is cute). Boys are another story entirely. The only name we both like is Linus.

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    My husband is a history and literature geek, and all the names he comes up with are found in Greek tragedies, novels, Shakespeare or the names of famous authors. I would say he has an excellent taste, but some of the names he likes I cannot imagine on an real person. Examples:


    I understand the appeal of those names but I wouldn't like them on our children. For the most part he agrees with this once he pictures his son/daughter, and not a superhero-fantasy-character running around. He is still hoping for a boy named Hector though. I don't know, we'll see.

    Other than that we also agree that family names are special and fortunately, his family has some fantastic names all over the family tree. His brother and my father have the same first name, which we used for our son's middle name. That was very easy.
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    My brother once told my that he would name his children Jack, Gracie, and Tyler.
    Beckett Booker Cormac Cruz Dashiell Donovan Finn Hudson Jude Matteo Miles Zane

    Bronwyn Cameron Delilah Georgia Lark Maisie Paloma Sam Sasha Siena Violet Willa

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